Our Weekly Overview: Week 3

Our third week of preschool at home (August 15 – August 19) was definitely a fun one! I think this was G’s favorite so far. It was something he was already interested in and we did a lot of cute little crafts. It’s definitely a popular theme amongst preschoolers and there are tons of activities you can do!

Theme: Bugs / Cc

  • Monday: Circle Time, introduce theme, sing Butterfly, Butterfly song and incorporate some movements. Our first activity was a Create a Bug craft. I cut up some construction paper in an assortment of colors into circles (about 2-3 inches wide), half circles (roughly the same size as the circles but cut in half), and long, thin rectangles (think bug legs or antennae). I put everything, along with some googly-eyes and a glue stick, into 4 small bowls placed on the table next to a plain sheet of construction paper (G chose green). I then showed G some photos from the Pinterest post where I got the idea from to give him some examples of what he could make. I think older kids would be able to better execute this craft, but G still made his version of a caterpillar and most importantly, he just had fun gluing the shapes onto the paper, sticking googly eyes, and using the glue stick! After he finished that, we moved onto our next activity. I brought out his plastic bugs (I believe we got the set at Hobby Lobby but these from Amazon are similar and inexpensive) and a color sorting printable I made (I will share it in the Facebook group Files section). I started picking up different bugs asking him which color they were and then placed the bug on the coordinating circle on the printable, and after a few he got the gist and started doing so on his own! I wanted to do this toilet paper roll spider painting activity next, but G was pretty persistent on wanting to go downstairs instead so we just called it a day. I think I’ll save that one for our Halloween week!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.42.16 AM

  • Tuesday: Circle Time, sing Baby Bumblebee song and incorporate movements. G loved this song and we sang it many times in a row as well as throughout the day! Next I put out some playdoh along with his plastic bugs and together we made some semi-flat little circles out of playdoh. G then took the bugs and pressed them into the playdoh, making bug fossils! He loved this and spent a solid 20 minutes straight squishing all of his bugs into the playdoh as we talked about what kind of bug he was using, if it had wings or not, the colors, if there was a matching bug (the set comes with 2 of some of the bugs), etc. After this, I laid out some bug coloring pages for him while I read the book Bugs and Us by Patricia J. Murphy that I found at a teacher supply store. It has real photos of all kinds of bugs which G really liked and is really informative. After he decided he was done coloring and looking at the pictures in the bug book, we moved on to a Bumblebee Letter Match activity using this free printable. I printed it out on card stock and simply cut the cards out and then in half. Since we’re still working on identifying the letters in the alphabet, I wanted to include this activity in our lesson plans for the week. I think older kids may be able to better match the cards as far as the “game” is concerned, but this was still a great activity for letter recognition and we will definitely be doing more activities like this over the course of our school year. To finish off the day, we read a book with some characters G loves. It’s a picture book called Flik the Adventurer (from Bug’s Life) and I got it years ago when I was in school during a book trade we did in one of my classes. I couldn’t find it online anywhere (which is so weird) – sorry about that!
  • Wednesday: Circle Time followed by the Butterfly, Butterfly song again along with the movements. Our activity for today was this ALEX Toys Paper Plate Bugs craft. We’ve done a few of these before and G absolutely loves them, so I was happy to include it in our lesson plans for the week! He decided on the bee and we spent some time putting it together. He was so happy to glue everything and decorate the wings and face with the stickers it comes with! I love watching him create things and seeing how proud he is when he finishes. He couldn’t wait to show Daddy when he got home from work that day! We went downstairs and G had a snack while I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, and then came back upstairs to our little school room for our next activity, a Bug or Not? sorting activity. I just put two little baskets on his table and set out his plastic bugs and a mix of random small toys (a bouncy ball, a couple toy cars, Thomas the train minis, etc. – anything small in their toy box!) and went through each item asking him, “is this a bug or not?” He then placed each item in either the basket for bugs or the other basket. After finishing that up, I set out this C coloring page printable for him while I got our schoolroom cleaned up for the day.

G’s paper plate bee and some of his bug coloring pages

  • Thursday: Circle Time followed by the Baby Bumblebee song along with the movements. Today’s activity was a bug hat craft that I saw on Pinterest. I cut out all of the shapes we needed to create it from construction paper and then placed all of our materials on G’s table and showed him the picture in the link so he knew what we were doing. He needed some help (stapling the hat closed, etc) but he had so much fun putting the eyes together and gluing them on. He was obsessed with his finished creation and so proud! He loved looking at himself in the mirror with his hat and couldn’t wait to show Daddy his “caterpillar” hat! After finishing that, we moved on to a little bug sensory bin. I just filled a plastic storage tub with an assortment of materials: dry pinto beans (I get these pretty inexpensively at Target and just reuse them – they’re a sensory bin staple in this house!), plastic bugs, measuring cups and spoons, a small bowl or two, a magnifying glass (I got ours from the teacher supply store but it’s this same one), and small tongs I got at Hobby Lobby). He loves using the tongs to pick up the bugs and the measuring cups and spoons to scoop the beans, pour them into the bowls, fill the bowls, dump it all out, etc. which is all great for fine motor development. We had some errands to run this day so after he finished playing with his bug sensory bin, we concluded our last school day of the week!


Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Excuse the blurry photo, but my gosh, G loved this. He was so proud!

Songs for the week:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.05.20 AM

I hope everyone had a great week! Happy Homeschooling!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.59.04 PM


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